Wind Load Spreadsheet for Calculations

10 Sep

I just started to go back school, and this is the second time I’ve switched my major. I think I have made a good decision this time though, and definitely am in a field that will get me a job. I am studying civil engineering now, and I have a lot to learn. Right now I am trying to find a asce 7-10 wind load spreadsheet that I can use to calculate wind loads easily without having to do all of the math on my own. It is not that the math is especially hard, but I am not trying to do math for it’s own sake.

Rather, I am trying to figure out something for a project I am working on, and I really need to be able to just get the calculations quickly instead of spending all of my time doing math that is not going to help me at all with the project. So if I can find this spreadsheet, then I will be in business. I am not really sure where to start looking for such a thing though, and it could be a lot harde rthan I had imagined in the first place. But I guess I will just do some searches and see what I can turn up.

I could also maybe ask some people in my class if they know anything about it, but I do not really have any friends at my school yet, because I just transferred to this university, and I do not know anyone here yet. I am sure that I will make some friends in time, but it might take a few months. At the least, I am going to need to find someone with whom I can study with. That should not be that hard to do.

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