Why We Got a Home Security System Installed at Our Home

09 Mar

With the cost to own one, I really do not know why more homes and apartments do not have monitored home alarm systems. We got ours from The system was affordable because we added to it over time. The monitoring fee per month is less than I pay per day for my coffee I stop to get for my morning commute. We started out with a system that included perimeter protection for our doors and the windows on the lower floor along with smoke and carbon monoxide protection. We added the second floor windows and a couple more smoke and CO detectors later on. The last upgrade we got were cameras that let us see our home inside and out using a smartphone, computer or tablet.

We like to look in our our dogs while we are at work. We like it that the fire alarm system is monitored by live agents and will send help in an emergency whether we are home or not. The same goes for the burglar alarm. We benefit by having our noisy dogs and our alarm system. They both are great deterrents for those criminals who would like to break into our home to steal things that we worked to earn.

I never liked to bury my head in the sand when it comes to basic preparedness. It must be my upbringing on a farm where storms could separate you from the grid for days or even weeks. I look at things and see what can go wrong, and I try to mitigate the most likely things that could fail. Basic home burglary and fire protection is a must in my book. For the low cost you can get a home security system and have it monitored, it only comes down to where you priorities are at.

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