We Want to Stay at the Palms Even when Our Corporate Lease Expires

13 Aug

In July and August you do a lot of your daily living indoors here in Las Vegas. There are people who can take the heat doing some things outside. Most people bounce around from one indoor place to the next. They go from AC at home to AC in their car to AC where they are going and then back home. My brother works outdoors, but it is at night in the summer. Since we spend a lot of time inside during the day at least, we like a nice place to live. You can click here to see the apartments like the one my wife and I have at The Palms at Peccole Ranch.

We like the spacious rooms to have our own space when we are working on things such as our hobbies. My wife reads and crochets, I tinker with old phone equipment from the earliest days of the phone company. Our third bedroom is a room devoted to my collections, but my wife has some pieces she likes on display in other parts of our home here at The Palms.

We like the big spacious closets. Lots of room for my spillover items from my hobby. We have ceiling fans and great climate control making our apartment comfortable year round. Comfort is a big thing so you do not get antsy wanting to venture out during the hottest parts of the day. We are living here under a corporate lease. My job wants me close to the work project that will take almost three years to build. We really like it here, so we are in no hurry to leave. We have two swimming pools here and all the other amenities we would ever want in an apartment. Once the two years on the corporate lease is up, I think we will convert the lease and stay.

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