Watching out for the Accidents

11 Jan

My grandfather has me worried sometimes because of how often he has accidents. He’s been accident prone for most of his life, but it seems to have gotten worse as he’s become older. He even had to see a chiropractor in Mesa recently because of a bad fall he had while walking his dog at the park. He’s never fallen in the park before, but I guess there is a first time for everything. As he was on the ground from the fall, his dog was barking loudly so someone would come over and help him. I was at work when all of this happened.

When I heard the news about my grandfather, I rushed over to see him and he was already at the chiropractors. He looked a little banged up, but other than that, he was fine. The chiropractor told him that he didn’t have any broken bones, but there was some bruising and he would need to rest for a while. It was a relief that nothing really bad happened to him, or he might have needed some kind of surgery. Still, I decided to keep a closer eye on my grandfather.

For as much as my grandfather gets into accidents, he really doesn’t like to have anyone treat him like a baby. He feels that he’s lived on the Earth for this long and that if he gets into a few scrapes every now and then, then so be it. He hates it when people try to help him around or give him special treatment, because he feels that he can do pretty much anything on his own. While I like his attitude, I think that he should know when his body has reached its limit and let other people help him. Sometimes he can just be too stubborn.

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