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14 Jan

I know a lot of people thought I was getting in over my head when I accepted a new position at one of the larger apartment complexes in the city. The reason I was hired was because the person who held the job prior to me was fired. That alone is the reason my family did not want me to take the position, because it was not exactly comforting as far as job security is concerned. I was not worried though, because I had carefully researched the position as well as Multifamily before accepting the position.

The only reason I felt confident in accepting the job is because I did my homework. I had researched exactly why the complex was failing to attract new leaseholders. I had also researched Multifamily, a marketing company for apartment complexes. I knew that I had a lot of work to do on my own, but there was also a good bit that could be done by this marketing company that would help me out a great deal. The only reason I could see that the apartments were not getting rented faster was because there was not an online marketing campaign in place.

We live in a time where most people will hop online and look up just about anything they want or need. If you want to order takeout, you go online. If you want to order a new pair of shoes, you go online. If you want to look at apartments, you go online. It is just the way it is now. Multifamily was able to increase the ranking for the website of the company. Now when people search, they are able to find ours in the first page of results. That means we are finally in the game again, and my job is a lot more secure than it was when I first took it!

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