The Old Bags Are History

08 Jan

My local grocery store used to have plastic bags for shoppers to use, but starting this year, they decided to stop. The store wanted to take a more environmentally conscious stance by eliminating the waste created when plastic bags are thrown away. Now shoppers are required to bring their own shopping bags. At first I was mad, because I didn’t want buy and bring my own bags to go shopping, but now it’s not as bad as I originally thought. I ordered some strong woven polypropylene bags that could hold a lot of weight.

When I go shopping, I usually buy a lot of things, and often I’ll have heavy items, such as cans or meat. There have been plenty of times when my plastic shopping bags have started to tear around the handles or just split open entirely. I was really mad when one of my bags split because I wasn’t in my car that day, and all of my items went all over the ground and I had to scoop them up and carry them in my jacket while I went back to the store to get some more bags. While having access to many plastic bags was an advantage, the bags had their weaknesses.

Now that I show with the new bags, things are much different. The new bags are so strong that they never split or tear, no matter how many items are placed in the bag. Not only can the bags hold more weight than a standard plastic bag, but they can hold more items as well. When compared to the old plastic bags, I only need a third as many woven bags to carry all of the items that I usually buy on a normal shopping trip, and when I put them in my car, they don’t take up as much space.

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