The Day Saddam’s Statue Fell

20 Aug

Iraqi Civil Status Identification Card or al-Bitaqat al-Shikhsiya I remember the day the day the statue of Saddam fell like it was yesterday. I was 25 years old at the time. When the marines came into the square, a huge crowd started to gather. There was a lot of cheering and shouting. Everyone was happy. We had welcomed in the US marines with open arms.

Me and a couple of my friends had decided to try to climb on top of the statue to get a better view of what was happening around us. When we reached the top of the concrete platform which the statue stood, a marine handed one of my friends a sturdy lenght of rope. My friend handed the rope to me and told me to wrap it around the statue.

People grabbed the rope and started pulling. There were at least fifty men pulling on the rope. The force was too much and the rope broke. A marine came up and handed my friend Kadhim a steel chain. He climbed to the top of the statue and wrapped the chain around Saddam’s neck. The marines pulled the chain with one of their tanks and the statue fell.

The crowd erupted in cheers of joy. They jumped on the statue as soon as it fell. Many were hitting the face of the statue with their shoes. I have to admit that I did as well. This is the ultimate insult according to our culture.

I will remember that day for the rest of my life, it was one of the most profound events that I have ever wittnessed. As I look back on that day, I realize that it was truely a beginning. We have faced hard times since this event. Slowly, things are returning to normal. There have been times I regretted the fall of Saddam, but now I am truely grateful for his removal from power.

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