Tales of War from the Other Side

20 Aug

Iraqi Dinar, for those lacking ¬†scruples or brains?The Iraq war has affected millions of people. In the US, there are countless images of men returning home from this war with injuries and mental health issues that may take them years to recover from. Many men didn’t even make it out of Iraq, as they were fatally injured while serving their country. Many Iraqi citizens have gone through the same pain and trauma. Looking at this war from both sides is extremely important. Not only were American soldiers and their families affected deeply by the results of the US/Iraq war, there are millions of Iraqi people that have suffered devastating losses and unspeakable pain as well.

In order to learn more about the US/Iraq war from the side of an Iraqi, people may be interested in reading personal stories of some of the soldiers as well as local citizens that had to stand by while their country was at war. Even though time has passed, the scars still run deep for many individuals that had to witness, or were unfortunately a part of this war between the countries. Personal stories touch the heart and really show the reader that there are many sides and viewpoints. A young Iraqi citizen may have been expected to participate in the war, or they may have simply been witness to all that took place. Not everyone feels the same way about war, and unfortunately, there is still quite a bit of discrimination when it comes to citizens of Iraq. By learning just one young Iraqi’s personal story and experience, it may help change a lot of the opinions that so many people unfortunately have. Both US and Iraqi citizens and soldiers suffered from the war, and many people have been left behind to pick up the pieces of their lives. Taking time to read someone else’s story is a positive step in the healing process that is slowly taking place.

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