Symbols in Design Theory and Communication

25 Feb

As mobile devices begin to diverse in a multitude of operating system forks (Android being the most populous by far), it becomes incredibly important for developers to take this into consideration. There are hundreds of different models of mobile devices and tablets which a developer is going to be required to design for. Some of this can be easy as many these devices are going to share similar ecosystems (the Google Play Store being one of them) but others are ‘doing their own thing’ which can make it more difficult. I hired to help me with this problem exactly.

A good application design is an exercise in communication. Think of it as semiotics. The way the end user engages with the application communications a multitude of layered meanings. It speaks of how seriously you take their experience. It speaks of how you want the user to experience your business. It communicates a vision and the ideas that you foster in a digital world. It’s a language all of its own reduced to familiar symbology. It can go beyond mere words, colors and letters! Design is everything when we speak of application development but it can be seriously lacking in many mobile applications.

Browsing through any of the popular App Stores can be an experience of frustration. Again and again you’ll find an application which seemingly advertises exactly what you’re looking for only to discover that it’s ad-riddled or poorly designed. This is what you want to avoid. You want your user to open the application and feel welcome. You want them to be greeted by familiar symbols or quickly intuited symbolic. Always think of design as an environment of language that a user is going to have to navigate in order to reach their goal. This is how success is made through design.

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