Started to Get Ready to Move

28 Jun

I have been working on this for a good while, mostly because the place where I live is no longer suited to where I am in my life. Since I was a senior in college I have been living in a studio apartment about five blocks from the college campus. I see this as a simple thing really. I have a girlfriend now and obviously this place is not big enough for the both of us. In fact she has problems with the other residents of the place. Obviously most of them are college students, the young men like to party excessively and the young women are a little too attractive for her tastes. It seems odd that I would look for a place where there were fewer attractive women, but that is not really my choice. In the past I definitely did not see it that way. When I moved in here I was definitely impressed by the other tenants.

It is not so easy to find a real good fit for my needs. Obviously we want something which is conveniently located, but Emily works downtown while I work on the Southeast suburban areas. It is not as though moving is going to make my life better. What it is going to do is to save the two of us money. In the long term we are looking at marriage and that means that we need to save up a nest egg. We would want to buy a house of our own, which is going to be a long term project. It is not so simple for us to figure out how to budget our money. It is going to require us to sit down and think it all through as carefully as we can. Then we shall have to be disciplined.

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