Started Grad School This Morning

03 Mar

It was a pretty close thing, because I needed to get some grant money in order to be able to do this. I have a teaching assistant’s job working with the UK Computer Science Department, but that does not go as far as you might like it to go. If you look at the cost of living then you figure out what you need. I had to have one of the cheapest Lexington apartments that could be found and I did not want to have to share a place with some random person I found on the internet. That never works out and if it goes bad, then you can really end up on the short end of the deal. You do not want to go in halves with some guy you do not really know and then get in a position where you are relying upon him doing what he says that he will do. In fact he might not be able to do that for all sorts of reasons.

At any rate the grant money came through, but it was late and then I had to run around like a chicken which had had it’s head cut off. There was all of this stuff that needed to be done and I was pretty lucky that the people at the school really wanted to help me out. The professor was keen for me to take the job, mainly because he is sort of the lazy sort and he likes to have his work done for him. He is convinced that I can help him do his job a lot more easily than he can do it with no help from me. Of course he wanted me because another professor had swooped in and stolen the guy that he had pegged for the job.

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