Serious Amenities at Seaside Residences

15 Feb

Close your eyes, and imagine yourself in Phuket. Can you hear the surf and see how glorious and exotic it is? Most of my friends and I have been to Phuket many times because of how great it is there, which is why I am really excited about the Seaside Residences development project in Siglap. This District 15 condo development embraces everything that reminds me of Phuket. Since that is my favorite place to vacation to, it just makes sense that I would want to have that every single day if possible.

It actually boggles my mind that no one thought of doing something like this earlier. It just looks like a tropical paradise from the pictures I have seen, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I looked at the site plan on the official site for it, and I was even more impressed with everything that is going to be there. I am a very social person, so I was happy to see that there are a lot of things for me to do there.

I am an avid swimmer, but one thing that I have never liked about the pool where I live right now is that so many people are in it that it is impossible to get a serious swim in. I am all for socializing, but I also want to maintain my interests as well. With the Seaside pools, that is going to be possible. There is not one, not two, and not even three pools here. There are four! One if for children, and another is for families. The third one is a general pool where I imagine adults will mingle. The last one though is what piques my interest the most, which is the lap pool. To think that is just one of the dozens of amenities that this resort style development has is just amazing!

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