Picking CBD and Making Sure It is Legit

15 Sep

I have been taking CBD oil for years. It has helped me with so many of my issues. I have always had issues with pain or anxiety and taking the CBD clears my mind of those thoughts and lets me live my life. When I had changed to a CBD Oil UK had produced, I was interested in the quality versus that of the US. Was it better? Was it worse? How does it compare?

Both CBDs are legal and made by the same process. There are a few laws about the production and growing that are slightly different for each, however, for the most part the overall process is similar. The US brands are a little more lenient on what can be added to the oils and the UK is a little more strict. Overall, for me, the UK CBD’s work better and are overall more effective for my specific issues.

I had a friend who had taken CBD for a few months and was seeing that her dosage was not working anymore. Turns out the US company was adding more additives to their brand to make it less powerful so you’d have to purchase more. I told her the UK brands I use are consistent and I have never had an issue with them. I strictly use UK brands for CBD now and try to get everyone I can to use them instead as well. It’s just overall better. The quality, the effectiveness, the taste, just about everything is better.

For people in the US, some sites selling CBD will not ship to the US. I am not sure on the legal aspects of getting CBD from overseas. I know of US CBD since I have lived there all my life, up until 4 years ago when I moved to the UK for work. I am well versed in both CBD practices and can say that the UK is better.

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