Our Teen is Training to Become the Fastest Woman in the World

12 Mar

I knew from the moment our daughter took her first steps that she was going to be a handful. Once she figured out she could take a step after getting up on those feet, it was off to the races. I have video that my husband shot of her first steps. You can see her pull herself up using a piece of furniture, then she turns around and takes a step. She pauses and her eyes get real wide with awe. Then she scampered across the floor. Now she is trains at speed and agility training facilities for sprinting competitions in high school. She has been running since she could get up on her feet. Those first few steps were not a hesitant walk, they were a confident run! Sure, she fell down before reaching the couch, but she did not cry. She pulled herself back up and ran some more.

We both remember her first day on her feet and taking steps. She wore herself out moving from place to place as fast as she could. This is one kid that we had to train to actually learn how to walk instead of running from place to place. She is a blur when doing things such as household chores. You should see her mow the lawn. Our grass is never too high, and she thought something was wrong with the lawnmower because it would bog down and stall. She was just mowing too fast. That can happen easily when the grass is high, but ours was not. We had to get her to listen to the engine sound and slow her pace.

It is not like she is in a nervous hurry, she is just fast, agile and those reflexes are like lightning. I told her she should take up martial arts because no one would be able to stop her from connecting kicks and punches. She is more interested in seeing how fast she can run. She sees how Mr. Bolt is the fastest man in the world, and she wants to be known as the fastest woman in the world.

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