My New Place Will Help Me to Heal More Easily

26 Apr

When my wife died, it shattered my entire world. Being married to her for 30 years was a wonderful dream to live. We had been together since we were in high school, and we had never even been apart for more than a day in all that time. But once I lost her, it became uncomfortable to live in the same house anymore. I figured that I would rent a place for awhile, and that is when I came across The Marq out on one of my drives around the city to see what was available. I felt that it would be a nice place to live in for about a year or so, until I gathered my bearings and figured out where to live permanently.

Considering that my wife is the one that decorated and painted our home that we lived in together, it was very hard to not see reminders of her everywhere that I looked in our home. At first, I thought that I wanted to stay there, but every day that she had been gone, it became even harder for me to stay there. Part of me did not want to give our home up because of all the wonderful memories there, but staying was killing my heart. So, I decided to take photos of everything so that I would always have a reminder of the place, and then put it on the market. Luckily, we had a nice house, so offers came streaming in rather quickly, and it sold within 30 days. I did not expect that to happen so quickly.

When I was driving around looking for a place to rent, I came across The Marq rather quickly. The place looked nice on the outside, but inside, it was amazing. I put down a deposit immediately because I did not want to lose out on an apartment there by wasting time and looking at other places afterward. Moving in without my wife was hard, but I look around my new place and smile when I think about how she would approve of my choice.

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