I Sleep Better at Night Now

09 Mar

I imagine a lot of people want home security systems so the proper authorities can be alerted should someone break into the house. I wanted to get some information on these alarm systems, but it was not for that reason at all. My mom lives in a rather safe area of California. While I know that crime can happen anywhere, I just knew the odds of it were extremely slim. No, the reason I wanted to look into an ADT home security system for my mom is because it helps to protect people from the dangers inside of a home too.

My mom is elderly, and she is starting to slow down a bit more with each passing year. She is still sharp as a tack, so there is nothing wrong with her mind at all. We cannot say the same about her hearing and eyesight though or how quickly she get from one room to another. That is the reason I wanted to have this security system in her house. It will definitely alert the authorities should someone try to break in, but it alerts them for other things too that can be just as dangerous if not more so.

If Mom has a fire happening inside her house, it is going to alert not only the monitoring service but the local authorities too. If there is smoke in the house, it is going to do the same thing. If there is a carbon monoxide leak in her house, the right people will be notified. Now, my mom will be alerted also, but I like that the agency as well as the authorities will be too because my mom could be unable to help herself if there is a fire, smoke or a poisonous leak in the house. This helps me to sleep much better at night, knowing she is protected.

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