I Needed to Have My Apartment Cleaned

03 Apr

My husband and I had to make some major decisions in a very short period of time. He had a good job, but an incredible offer came up for a position about three hours away. We knew that we would need to find a place to live first before we packed up and hired a company to do the post tenancy cleaning in Singapore, but we had very little time to do all of this. The new job wanted him there in less than a month’s time, and our lease on the apartment was up shortly thereafter.

I am grateful that it was not the other way around because we may have signed on for another year or so when the job opportunity became available. I tasked my husband with finding us a nice place to temporarily live since he was going to be there for nearly two weeks anyway with various meetings. I told him I would handle the packing up of everything and then finding someone to come and clean. There was no way I was going to tackle all of that on my own, and we had enough left over with our moving funds to pay someone to do it.

Packing everything up was easy enough because we didn’t have a lot of things. Actually, finding a company to come out and clean was easy too. I asked a few friends for recommendations, but it was actually the owner of the apartment who told me about Kleepers. She said that they are the only company she will use because they are very affordable and they are also very good at what they do. I went to their website and was happy with what I saw, but I was happier when I saw the results of the clean apartment once they were done. My husband and I are not messy or dirty people, but even I had never made the apartment shine like they did. No wonder the owner will not use anyone else!

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