I Met a Girl and Her Ex-boyfriend

11 Jan

I was in the area to visit the university for a seminar on my field of study, but of course I did not turn it down when this attractive young lady invited me to a party at her sorority. She was about four years younger than me and studying the same thing I was, I could tell that she wanted me to help her with a project she was working on. Unfortunately this came to involve a San Jose chiropractor in the end, because she had a rather jealous ex boyfriend. Fortunately for me he was not very good at fighting and he was pretty much drunk when he came at me. He was not falling down drunk, which would have been better for me obviously, but he was in the phase where you are poorly coordinated. The only reason I got hurt was that I did not see him until he was right on top of me and there was not the part where he was supposed to warn me that he was going to kick my butt.

Instead the guy just came right up behind me and jumped on top of me. After a little while I got the upper hand and since I was rather displeased I put my knee down on his throat. Obviously that is a good way to kill a man, but that was not what I intended. Instead I meant to get his attention. I asked him how badly he wanted me to hurt him. Of course I was not going to hurt him any more than I needed to, but at that moment I was pretty mad. Some of his pals rescued him and they all got thrown out of the party. When the adrenaline died down I realized my back had been injured.

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