I Love the Look of My Nose Now

28 Dec

I had looked into getting a nose job for quite a while. I really wanted to have a new nose, but I was terrified of going under the knife for it. I had also read a lot of horror stories from women online who had rhinoplasty and were horrified with the final results. That more than anything kept me from going forward with it, but I did end up getting a much nicer nose not that long ago. I had found an aesthetic medical clinic that does what is called a threadlift, and the results are amazing.

I wanted to find out more information on this new type of procedure that meant I would not have to be medically sedated while my nose was getting reshaped. Instead, threads are woven, and the end result is that my nose is not as flat and it has definition now too. I was scared that I would feel pain while undergoing the procedure, but I did not feel a thing. I am just so happy every time I look in a mirror now. My nose looks nearly the same but it just has more definition to it, which is exactly what I wanted.

I looked at some of the other services that are offered there, and I think I am going to go with a few other things too. I want to try their process for reducing wrinkles, and I also want to check into their jaw slimming process. I do like the way I look already, but I also don’t see anything wrong in trying to look even better when it is easy to do and no pain is involved. I have gotten so many compliments since having my nose done, so I cannot wait to see how my family and friends react when I have the rest done!

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