I Got to Asheville Safe

16 Aug

I took my time getting here, in fact I took a detour to visit my aunt in Statesville, or actually she lives about half an hour off Interstate 40 near the town of Statesville. They have a large farm with a huge apple orchard and so forth, mostly they raise chickens and pigs in the industrial style we have here. At any rate I got here just fine, my Mom was really worried that this car would die on the way. Now that I am here I may sell it. The District South apartments are really close to the campus and if you know much about going to college, then you probably realize that driving there is a fool’s errand most of the time. If you do not have an assigned parking space, then it is not as though you will ever find one in a reasonable time. So you have to allow ten or fifteen minutes for the search. Then you are usually about ten minutes away from where you want to be, so you have to walk. Obviously the bus will take you to exactly where you want to be more or less.

In fact it would take around 12 minutes to walk to school, which is probably what you may end up waiting for the bus. I have already timed it and it seems like that is a great idea. It is not as though I could not use the exercise. I spend way too much time sitting on my back side, so I have decided to do a lot of walking. In fact there are a ton of hikers here, with dozens of hiking trails. It is a great location for that and of course the big question is if the roommate I found is reliable enough.

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