I Found the Nail Salon I Want to Use

27 Nov

I wanted to make sure that I chose a nail salon that not only does amazing art on my nails but is also compliant with health regulations. That might sound silly to someone who is not familiar with how a manicure works, but if certain regulations are not followed, then it is easy for your health to be affected. That is why I am really careful about the manicure services that I get from any nail salon. I research them quite well, because while I want a healthy manicure and pedicure, I also want one that is clean and fun.

When I moved to where I live now, I looked at a few online and was not impressed when I went to the salon themselves. I only went there because their websites looked good, but it takes more than a great website to make a business one that i want to visit. I decided to look outside my immediate area, which is how I found Tulsa Day Spas. I loved everything I saw on their online sites, but the real test would be when I walked through their front door. I really hoped that this one would not be like the others.

As soon I stepped inside, the atmosphere was very inviting. I was greeted upon my arrival, and I explained that I am new to the area and looking for a new manicurist. I was pleased with the attention I was given as well as the right answers to all of my questions. I had a manicure done that day, and I observed how they treated other customers too. I was so happy to see that they clean all of their instruments after a customer is done, and I knew that I had found my go to place to have my nails done.

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