I Can Keep on Hiking

12 Jan

Living in Northern California means you can do a lot of outdoor activities. It also means injuries which is why I spent some time with a Sacramento chiropractor recently after suffering a knee injury during a recreational hike outside of town. I slipped on a rock and twisted my leg in such a way that I could feel a shooting pain in my knee. It hurt so badly I was barely able to get back to my car. Fortunately I always hike with a friend so they were able to help me get back to the vehicle and to the emergency room in town.

The doctors did an x-ray and said nothing was broken. They even poked and prodded and said tissue damage didn’t look like an issue. They sent me home with a prescription for painkillers and some advice about not hiking for awhile until the pain went away. What a diagnosis! I could’ve come up with that on my own. I did refrain from hitting the trails, but the pain never went away. It didn’t get worse, but it didn’t get better either. I spent a lot of time limping about and obviously that wasn’t going to work forever.

A friend suggested a visit to the chiropractor due to the fact that they sometimes could help with knee problems. I had nothing to lose by doing so, I surmised, so I went online and found a clinic nearby and made an appointment for a consultation. It took all of about five minutes for the chiropractor to figure out the problem. He did some adjustments on my legs that made the knee feel a lot better. He said I’d be back on the trail in no time, but suggested I stay off the knee as much as possible for a few weeks in order to aid the healing. I feel a lot better.

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