Helping Whiplash and Arthritis at the Same Time

11 Jan

My mom was in a car accident not that long ago. She was stopped at an on ramp to the interstate because there was a long stream of traffic coming. The car approaching behind her was watching the traffic instead of in front of him, and he rear ended my mom’s car. She was wearing a seat belt, but she was still jostled around a good bit because of the hard impact. She refused medical treatment because she was sore but not seriously injured, but I wanted her to see a chiropractor in Philadelphia PA just to make sure that everything was okay.

She told me that it made sense for her neck to hurt because her head slammed back into the headrest pretty hard. She was not sure if she was experiencing whiplash or just typical soreness, and she finally agreed to go see a chiropractor to appease me. It turned out that it was a good thing that she did go because her pain increasingly got worse over the next few days. By the time I took her to the doctor’s office, she was wishing that she would have sought medical attention the day of the accident.

The chiropractor told us that it is not uncommon to feel okay after an accident and then feel the full impact of it days or even weeks later. He explained what whiplash is, and then he ran some tests on Mom. We had to fill out a medical history form when we first arrived, and he told us that what he was going to do to help her with her whiplash would actually help with some other things too, like her arthritis. His words were pure gold too, because Mom is feeling better now than she has in a long time. I am going to start having chiropractic treatment now too, seeing how much it has helped her.

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