Healing My Daughter’s Volleyball Injury

12 Jan

In retrospect we probably should’ve had a running account with a chiropractor in Campbell considering our daughter’s aggressive style of playing volleyball. She’s an in your face player and has had her share of various injuries over the years. She plays like every serve matters and she even plays when she’s hurt. My husband and I are both very proud of her, but we do have our worries. The most recent came when she face planted during a game and hurt her neck. The bloody lip paled in comparison to the fact that she couldn’t really move her head back and forth.

The doctor said it was just a bad neck sprain and was nothing to worry about, but I had my doubts. I’ve seen my girl weather injuries, but this one seemed different. Not only could she not really move her head from side to side, but she complained about nerve pain radiating down her back. The doctor said nothing was broken and her spine was in good shape. I thought maybe a pinched nerve or possibly a compression in her neck that was causing the problem. We definitely needed to see a chiropractor as they’re professionals when it comes to this stuff.

We went in and immediately liked what we saw. A caring staff and a caring chiropractor who was no stranger to seeing athletes come in with various ailments. He thought the best thing to do was try some adjustments that would take the pressure off her nerves and thus provide good relief. It took about four visits to fix her up, which she complained about because she couldn’t play, but we couldn’t be happier. It’s great knowing that there is no permanent injury and that it was something that could be fixed without painkillers or invasive surgery.

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