He Gets His Own Bedroom Now

09 Aug

Even though I live on my own, I still needed to find a two bedroom apartment since my brother stays with me a lot. He is an over the road trucker, so he is gone quite a bit. When he does have some downtime though, he always stays with me. My last apartment only had one bedroom, so he stayed on the couch a lot. I always felt bad about that, even though he told me he was just happy to have a place to lay his head. I sent him a link that said click here when I was looking at new apartments though, and I know he was just as excited as I was.

This apartment has two large bedrooms, but it also has a lot more to it. We both always had to lug our laundry down to a shared laundry facility before. While I was grateful that it was at least on the premises, it was still a pain to have to do that at least once a week. Having our very own washer and dryer right in the apartment is the best luxury that I could have hoped for.

They didn’t stop with just that sweet amenity though. There is a patio that is right off my bedroom. It can also be accessed through the dining room for the times my brother wants to enjoy it, but that is rare. It has become my own little version of paradise, and I love just sitting out there and enjoy a good book or even a meal. There are a couple of swimming pools here too, and a fitness center along with other fun things that my brother enjoys the most when he is here. The best part is that the price is not very high at all, and my brother pays half of it for me!

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