Having More Fun As Three

24 Jul

My wife and I wanted to spice up our sex life, because everything felt so boring. I made a joke to her that we should try adding a third person into the mix, but she took it seriously. I suggested that we look for another woman, and she agreed. She had been curious what it was like to be with another woman, but was never adventurous enough to hook up with one. We placed an ad on a popular website for a couple seeking woman who wants to have some fun. In an hour, we received 30 replies from women who were interested.

Some of the women just replied, but others sent a picture of themselves to go along with their responses. My wife and I weeded out the ones that we felt weren’t attractive enough. For the ones that passed our selection, we contacted them and asked if they would be willing to web chat via video camera. We did this because we wanted to get to know the women a little better, and because we wanted to know if the picture that they sent to us was really a picture of them and not a fake. One of the women refused to web chat, so we eliminated her from the selection process.

The women that we talked to through the web chat were as attractive as their pictures, and they were all pretty funny. My wife and I couldn’t decide on one single person, so we decided it would be best to choose them all as casual partners. Rather than committing to a single person, we would be able to have fun with another person, while also having the benefit of having intimate experiences with more people, ensuring that we would never get bored again. Most wives wouldn’t be up to something like that, but I’m glad mine is willing to experiment.

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