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02 Aug

How to find a cable system in a foreign country that plays your favorite shows and sports? That was the question for me. I was going to be moving to another country with my work for at least 6 months and I didn’t want to miss out on all of my favorite shows and sports, but I didn’t want to be locked into a long contract either. I went online and started a search, and found this website . Normally I only travel about 3 weeks at a time and I stay in hotels and don’t have to worry about things like television, but this time it was going to be a much longer stay, and I wanted to find the perfect setup even if it was for only 6 months. Your online store helped me so much, because I was able to find things that would work easily in the country I would be in. I don’t mind watching some local television, but not knowing the language fluently can really put a damper on the enjoyment level. Plus I love sports and I don’t want to miss my Football games. The Super Bowl, I plan on having a huge party so I had to have the perfect setup.Thanks to your store I got the setup boxes for my temporary place. I watch my games each week, and have had a few of my coworkers over for games and food. Having the this setup has made my stay much more enjoyable and has helped me become relaxed around people that I work with. Having that time with friends away from work helps me not miss my friends at home as much. I also love being able to keep up on all of my favorite American television shows, without having to catch reruns online.

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