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20 Nov

Moving to Texas is a huge move for our family. My husband’s company has decided to open up an office in Dallas, and he will be heading it up. This is the type of promotion my husband has been working for his entire career. I know our kids are excited about moving too, so that makes it all perfect for us. I love the house we will be moving into, and the website help me get everything setup for the new house. The house is a four bedroom, two story home and in Texas it will be more expensive to keep it cool in the summer and thankfully there is not much of a cold winter.

I knew there was a few energy providers in the Dallas area, so I wanted to check out all of their unite prices and find the best one. After I found your website it was very easy for me to have the service turned on in the new house.I was also able to find all of the other things I needed for the new house on the internet. It is amazing how many little things you need for a new house. Plus there is so many things from our old house that I just didn’t want to bother moving from Georgia to Texas. So we had a garage sale and sold a lot of the things we were not going to be using. Even the kids got in the spirit and went through their toys and other things they didn’t play with anymore and sold them at the garage sale. Then we took the money we made at the garage sale and shopped for newer things when we got in Texas. I think teaching our kids the value of a dollar is a very important lesson.

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