Fresh Eyes on Marketing Our Products

01 Jul

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can help you in marketing in ways you never even considered. When your product or service is your baby, you see it a certain way. You get fixated on a set of features and benefits you have been developing from day one. You try to write your sales copy in a way to appeal to your main demographic as well as attracting fringe buyers. Well, we decided to use a sales letter copywriter to present what we sell in a new light. It took someone from the outside of our company looking in to write us sales copy scripts for video productions and sales letters that were better than what we were coming up with in-house.

The problem was that we knew our stuff inside and out. That gets you to take for granted that when you are talking about your product or service that everyone else knows exactly what you are saying. That is not true. Businesses have to train their customers and sales people in the jargon of the industry. They have to teach customers why some features are must-haves while other things are luxury. People are being a lot more savvy with their money nowadays, and they are researching to infinity details about everything they are deciding to buy. This is especially true of electronic gadgets, and that is what we manufacture and sell.

We were missing a lot of potential buyers by just listing the features of our products without explaining the benefits to the customers of why those features are something they actually want in the product genre we offer. I could tell you that you need our electronic gadget and hit you with a bunch of specs. However, if I show you the benefits of those specs, you will understand. Our new sales letter copywriter helped us develop our home sales force in a better way than we were doing it.

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