Football Games Can Be Dangerous

13 Nov

When you go to a local high school football game, you are expecting to have a few hours of fun. It is pretty intense watching two rivals play each other at such a young age, and it is one of my favorite things to do in the fall. Speaking of fall, that is exactly what happened when I went to the first local game this year. The game was over, and our team had won. Everyone was celebrating, which ended up with me visiting a Vancouver chiropractor the next morning because I ended up falling and hurting my back in the melee.

I cannot even say I was embarrassed because I was not the only person who fell. I think I probably did take the brunt of it though because everyone else got up easily enough. I knew as soon as I started to get up that something was wrong. i refused medical attention, but I knew the next morning I needed to call my chiropractor. I had not been there in nearly a year, but I knew they would be the ones who would be able to help get the ache out of my lower back.

They were able to squeeze me in that same day, which is another reason I contacted them. When I had a problem before, they did the exact same thing. Even though I was not in excruciating pain, I knew that I needed something done because the pain was still there, regardless that I was not screaming in agony. The chiropractor was able to do a quick physical examination, and he also took some X-rays because he wanted to be sure nothing more serious was wrong. I walked out after an adjustment not even an hour later, and I felt so much better. I am a lot more careful at football games now too!

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