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Have You Ever Seen In-Laws Get Along So Well They Move in Together?

03 Mar

My parents get along with my in-laws like they have known each other from birth. They even vacation together. They spend weeks at each other’s homes enjoying meals, games and just hanging out. My mother adores my mother-in-law, and my father has a real buddy in my father-in-law. Some couples have in-law issues. Ours are odd in how well they get along. My mom told me that the four of them were getting a condo at the New Futura. My wife and I were not actually surprised, but we were a little concerned as that was a big investment.

My mother explained that being an investment, they could manage it even if they did decide to not want to all live in the same condo later on. They are retired and have the income to do this, so why not? When I met my wife I never would have thought in a million years that my parents would end up wanting to move in together with my in-laws. Read the rest of this entry »

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