Best Two Bedroom Apartment in the Area

12 Aug

I looked into apartments for rent in Oceanside CA recently due to a situation that required I upgrade to a two bedroom apartment as quickly as possible. I’ve been in a legal battle with my ex-wife for some time now regarding the custody of our twelve year old daughter. I recently received some very good news from my lawyer regarding the situation. In short, the judge decided to give me sole custody over her due to my ex-wife’s recent run in with the police that resulted in several serious charges. Suddenly getting my daughter presents several challenges, however.

The biggest problem is space. I’m living in a single bedroom apartment that is quite small even for one person. Imagine trying to introduce a teenage daughter into such a situation! It simply wouldn’t work. Moreover, my current complex is about filled up so there is no way for me to upgrade to a bigger place here. That meant I had to hustle through some research online and find a place to move to quickly. It also had to be close enough to my workplace as well as my daughter’s new school. I was pretty worried about finding a decent place.

I shouldn’t have worried because I found a great apartment complex after only a few hours of searching. I contacted them on the phone and explained my situation and they encouraged me to come right over and take a look around. That sounded promising, so I took them up on the offer. They couldn’t have been nicer and took me into a two bedroom apartment that was available immediately should I decide to rent it. The apartment is so much better than what I’m living in now, and easily affordable to boot. I signed up right away and my daughter and I got our stuff moved in a matter of days!

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