Bad Luck with the Finances

11 Jan

It’s funny how one little bit of bad luck can send anyone from cloud nine back to the ground. I had my own pizza restaurant in my neighborhood and it was doing pretty well. I was getting a lot of customers on a daily basis, and getting a nice profit. Then the economy changed and I started getting less customers and couldn’t afford to maintain the business anymore. I even had to call a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney to file for bankruptcy. It felt like all of my dreams had come to an end after they had just come true.

Although my moment of turmoil had come, the attorney made things easier for me by helping me deal with the debt that I had accrued due to the my financial downfall due to the turn of the economy. I wasn’t the only person in this situation, as many business owners had faced the same situation. Many of them closed down when they didn’t get the business they needed to stay afloat, and many had to mark their prices down to small amounts that were barely enough to cover their operating costs.

I haven’t let my financial trouble become the end of me. The way I see it, this is only a setback to the path that I was on. Once I get completely back on my feet again, I’m going to open the restaurant again and start over. Many of my loyal customers would love to see the restaurant open again, and people have even helped me raise money to get the restaurant back. With all of my customers helping me, I’m sure that I can bring the old place back, and once it comes back, it’s going to stay around for good, because I’m going to make sure that I never get taken down by the economy again.

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