An out of This World Spa Experience

20 Nov

I came to Singapore for a vacation with a couple of my friends, and I fell in love with the country the instant I landed. The people in Singapore were nothing but gracious to us. They showed us where to find the best food and the places with the most fun. Part of the trip was going to a spa to get a makeover. While we had spas back in our home country, they weren’t quite the same, as the gel manicure in Singapore in these spas was a special kind of experience.

When I asked my friends what was so special about getting a gel manicure, they told me that it was hard to describe, and I would see soon enough. I figured that they might have been exaggerating a little about the greatness of the manicure, but I learned quickly that they knew exactly what they were talking about. As the manicure was going on, I was in a state of pure ecstasy that wouldn’t end until we left the spa. The manicure done by the workers in the spa put the ones back in our home country to shame.

The rest of the day, we were all feeling so happy because of our time in the spa. It was like we had been intoxicated for the rest of the trip. We were greeting everyone we met with the biggest smiles on our faces, and they knew that we had been to the spa and gotten the manicure the moment we spoke. The spa we went to has a reputation among the locals of giving everyone who visits it a feeling of total bliss. They give their loved ones a trip to the spa whenever they want to celebrate a special occasion. I’ve got to figure out some way to get that same experience at home.

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