Affordable Major Appliance Repair in Sacramento

11 Jan

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes right? Well, I’m having one of those today. It all started this morning when I was washing a load of clothes. My washer started leaking water all over the place. This was a major catastrophe for me and my family. I’m washing clothes for seven people in our house and trying to pack for our family vacation on a seven day Disney Cruise. I desperately needed someone who does major appliance repair in Sacramento. I started searching the yellow pages for a repairman that could come out to my house now. After numerous telephone calls, I found one that made emergency service calls.

I was kind of freaking out wondering if they would be able to fix my washer. The last thing I needed right before our family vacation was to have to purchase a brand new washing machine. If I had to buy a new one our spending money for the cruise would be depleted. While waiting for the repairman, I tried to keep my myself busy and my mind off of the potential major appliance purchase. Before I knew it, I heard a knock at the door. I was never so excited to see the repairman at my front door. He told me that he rescheduled another appointment so that he could come help us. I explained what had happened earlier that morning with water leaking out all over the place. I showed him to the basement and he started working right away. I was so nervous about what was wrong and just hung around to see what he was doing. He pulled the washer out and started checking all of the hose connections. Immediately he said he found the problem. One of my hoses had a hole in it. He replaced the hose and had my washer up and running in 15 minutes. I was ecstatic that the problem was so simple. He saved our family vacation!

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